Thelypteridaceae image
Stephen L. Solheim  

Key to Wisconsin Thelypteridaceae

Author: Robert W. Freckmann

    • 1a.Blades broadly triangular; lowest pair of pinnae more than half as long as the upper part of blade; pinnae connected by wings along the rachis or only the lowest pair separate; costae lacking adaxial groove; indusia absent Phegopteris

    • 1b.Blades lanceolate to oblong or narrowly elliptical; lowest pair of pinnae smaller or atmost about as long as middle pinnae; wings along rachis absent; almost all pinnae well-separated; costae with adaxial groove; indusia present Thelypteris

A mostly tropical family of up to about 30 closely-related genera and over 900 species, all of which at one time had been part of a single genus, Thelypteris, which in turn had been treated as a part of Dryopteris.