Pinaceae image
Christopher Noll  

Key to Wisconsin Pinaceae

Author: John G. Zaborsky

    • 1a.Leaves needle-like, all or mostly grouped in definite clusters 2

    • 1b.Leaves flattened or 4-sided, alternate, not in definite clusters 3

    • 2a.Leaves crowded on short lateral shoots (leaves alternate and borne singly on new twigs), deciduous; female cones to 3.5 cm long Larix

    • 2b.Leaves in clusters of 2 or 5 (sometimes 3), evergreen; female cones more than 3 cm long Pinus

    • 3a.Leaves persistent on dried branches, sessile, separating cleanly from a leaf-scar on the surface of the twig; female cones borne upright Abies

    • 3b.Leaves readily falling from dried branches, leaving persistent peg-like bases on the twigs; female cones pendent 4

    • 4a.Leaves flattened, rounded at the apex, distinctly short-stalked Tsuga

    • 4b.Leaves 4-sided, acute at the apex, sessile on peg-like base Picea

This is our most diverse family of conifers and its native members are important components of many northern forest types.  Most of our native species are cultivated as landscape or timber trees and may escape outside of their natural ranges.
Species within Dodge County 2016