Dryopteridaceae image
Derek Anderson  

Key to Wisconsin Dryopteridaceae

Author: Robert W. Freckmann

    • 1a.Pinnae and pinnules lacking a single enlarged lobe at the base; leaves deciduous, or evergreen, not exceptionally dark green, glossy, or leathery; indusium reniform, attached at a narrow sinus Dryopteris

    • 1b.Pinnae or pinnules (if twice pinnate) each with an enlarged lobe on the upper side at the base, pointing upward; leaves glossy dark green, leathery, and evergreen or nearly evergreen; indusium round, peltate Polystichum

A worldwide family of 26 - 29 genera and over 2,100 species. It remains the largest family of ferns, even with the removal in recent years of Athyriaceae. Cystopteridaceae, Diplaziopsidaceae, Onocleacae, Thelypteridaceae and Woodsiaceae.
Species within Navarino Cedar Swamp State Natural Area: Northern Mesic Forest