Lepidium L.
Family: Brassicaceae
Lepidium image
Richard Bauer  

Key to Wisconsin Lepidium

Author: John G. Zaborsky

    • 1a.Cauline leaves (at least the upper) sessile, the bases auriculate, sagittate, or clasping. 2

    • 1b.Cauline leaves petiolate or subsessile but never with auriculate, sagittate, or clasping bases. 5

    • 2a.Flowers yellow; upper cauline leaf bases cordate-clasping; plants glabrous distally L. perfoliatum

    • 2b.Flowers white; upper cauline leaf bases auriculate or sagittate; plants puberulent or pubescent distally. 3

    • 3a.Annuals; fruits broadly winged at the apex; racemes elongated in fruit L. campestre

    • 3b.Rhizomatous perennials; fruits not winged at the apex; racemes not elongated in fruit. 4

    • 4a.Fruits flattened, glabrous, cordate, valves veined L. draba

    • 4b.Fruits inflated, pubescent, globose, valves not veined L. appelianum

    • 5b.Annuals 6

    • 6a.Upper cauline leaves entire or toothed; stems erect or ascending. 8

    • 6b.Upper cauline leaves pinnatisect or dentate to laciniate or pinnatifid; stems decumbent to ascending or erect 7

    • 7a.Fruit valves rugose; plants glabrous or pilose L. didymum

    • 7b.Fruit elliptic; pedicels pubescent all around; basal leaves 1- or 2-pinnatisect L. oblongum

    • 8a.Fruit elliptic; pedicels pubescent all around; basal leaves 1- or 2-pinnatisect L. ruderale

    • 8b.Fruit obovate or orbicular; pedicels glabrous below; basal leaves toothed or pinnatifid. 9

    • 9a.Fruits obovate, widest below the middle; rachises with straight, clavate hairs; petals absent or rudimentary, less than 1 mm long; cotyledons incumbent L. densiflorum

    • 9b.Fruits orbicular, widest at the middle; rachises with curved, cylindrical hairs; petals usually present and over 1 mm long; cotyledons accumbent L. virginicum

Species within Green Lake County 2016