Physalis grisea (Waterf.) M.Martinez
Family: Solanaceae
downy ground-cherry, husk ground-cherry, strawberry tomato
Etymology: Physalis: from the Greek physalis, "a bladder," because of the inflated calyx
Plants: annual forb
Conservation Status: Introduced - adventive

Adventive from farther south in moist (usually) to dry cultivated gardens and fields, ditches, dumps, and disturbed places (e.g., construction sites). First collected in 1861 in La Crosse.

The flowers, including the calyx and anthers, are generally small, but parts are somewhat variable in size. Sometimes treated as P. pubescens Porter & J. M. Coult. var. grisea Waterf., but most recent authors follow Martínez (1998) in accepting P. grisea, as well as P. pruinosa L., as distinct species.