Family: Asteraceae
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Arthur Meeks  
1a. Plants annual; achene conical; pappus of 5 outer scales alternating with 5 inner scabrous hairs; scape leafless; rare, S Wisconsin...
1b. Plants perennial; achene cylindrical; pappus of more numerous scales and scabrous hairs; scape bearing 1-2 reduced sessile leaves; peduncles glabrous or glandular; common throughout...
Adapted from Keys to the Asteraceae of Wisconsin.  Assembled and editied by Robert R. Kowal, 11 February 2007.
Species: 2 in Wisconsin; 7 total, all in North America, NE Mexico.
Scapose annuals or perennials. Leaves basal, variously lobed to entire, glabrous or glandular. Heads solitary to clustered, the corollas yellow to yellow-orange. Involucral bracts biseriate. Achenes cylindrical to conical, truncate. Pappus double, the outer series of minute scales, the inner of few to numerous scabrous bristles.

Johnson, M.E. and H.H. Iltis. 1963. Preliminary reports on the flora of Wisconsin: No. 48. Compositae Family. Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters. 52:255-342.

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