Impatiens L.
Family: Balsaminaceae
Impatiens image
Dennis W. Woodland  

Key to Wisconsin Impatiens

Author: Jeff Rose

    • 1b.Leaves alternate, ovate to elliptical 2

    • 2a.Leaf teeth blunt, with a short terminal gland, margin therefore crenate to dentate; inflorescences of 1-several flowers each, not greatly surpassing leaves 3

    • 2b.Leaf teeth sharp, with a distinct, elongate terminal gland, margin therefore serrate; inflorescences with more than three flowers each, elevated above leaves 4

    • 3a.Petioles scarcely reduced upwards; leaf teeth irregular, 7–9 (–11) per side; perianth bicolored, rarely completely dark red or yellow; spurred sepal orange with red or orange, spur 7–10 mm long, recurved I. capensis

    • 3b.Petioles noticeably reduced upwards; leaf teeth regular, (8–) 12–20 per side; perianth yellow, rarely white; spur 4–6 mm long, decurved I. pallida

    • 4a.Upper internodes with capitate glands; flowers small with spur, pale yellow with orange nectar guides, 4–5 mm long I. parviflora

    • 4b.Upper internodes glandless; flowers large; perianth white and pink with yellow nectar guides; spur 10–15 mm long I. balfourii