Erythronium albidum Nutt.
Family: Liliaceae
small white fawn-lily, white dog-tooth violet, white trout-lily
Erythronium albidum image
Arthur Meeks  
Etymology: Erythronium: Greek for red because genus name comes form a red-flowered species from Europe
Plants: erect, perennial, 4"-8" tall forb; in large colonies formed by short, thick, vertical underground stems
Leaves: usually 2, basal, mottled or spotted
Flowers: white to pink with yellow centers, 6-parted, 1 1/2" long, petal-like tepals flaring backward; solitary on a stout stalk; blooms April-May
Fruits: rounded, 3-celled capsule
Habitat: moist; woods, forests
Conservation Status: Native