Apocynaceae image

Key to Wisconsin Apocynaceae

Author: John G. Zaborsky

    • 1a.Plant a trailing evergreen creeper; flowers solitary in the leaf axils; corolla blue; seeds glabrous Vinca

    • 1b.Plant herbaceous, not evergreen, erect or a twining vine; flowers in terminal or axillary umbels or cymes; corolla color various, but never blue; seeds with a tuft of soft hairs 2

    • 2b.Erect or ascending herbs, not twining 3

    • 3a.Corolla lobes reflexed at maturity; flowers in umbels; filaments fused into a column with elaborate appendages; anthers fused into a head around, and fused to, the pistils Asclepias

    • 3b.Corolla lobes erect to spreading; flowers in cymes; filaments unfused; anthers unfused (but lying against the pistils) Apocynum

A primarily tropical family known for its members’ often milky sap and dangerous or medicinal chemical compounds.  Molecular studies have shown that the species formerly segregated as the Asclepiadaceae are embedded within this family.