Sagittaria montevidensis
Family: Alismataceae
giant arrow-head, hooded arrow-head, long-lobed arrow-head, Mississippi arrow-head
Sagittaria montevidensis image
Dennis Albert  
Etymology: Sagittaria: from Latin sagitta, "arrow," because of the leaf shape
Plants: erect or floating, annual, emergent aquatic, 4"-40" tall, leaning when mature
Leaves: long-stalked; arrow-shaped if erect, long and narrow if aquatic
Flowers: white, 3-parted, 3/4"-2" wide, petals with dark-yellow bases; inflorescence of 3-12 whorls of flowers; blooms June-Oct.
Fruits: dry, flattened, winged seed seed drawing
Habitat: marshes, streams
Conservation Status: Special Concern