Corispermum pallasii Steven
Family: Amaranthaceae
Pallas bugseeed, Siberian bugseed
Etymology: Corispermum: (1) Munz says from Greek Coris, "a bedbug," and sperma, "seed" (2) Jepson says I believe correctly from the root cori, "leather or leathery," and sperma, "seed," thus "leathery-seeded"
Plants: erect, annual, 4"-20" tall forb, branching from the base; stems sparsely covered with hairs, becoming smooth
Leaves: alternate, stalkless, linear to lance-like
Flowers: tiny, 5-parted; inflorescence compact and dense, more or less oval clusters
Fruits: brownish, winged obovate-elliptical
Habitat: shores, waste places; in sandy, gravelly soil
Conservation Status: Native