Family: Brassicaceae
Draba image
© Thayne Tuason  

Key to Wisconsin Draba

Author: John G. Zaborsky

    • 1a.Leaves all in a basal rosette, stems leafless; petals deeply cleft D. verna

    • 1b.Stems with at least a few cauline leaves, these sometimes only near the base; petals entire or shallowly notched 2

    • 2a.Annuals; fruits narrowly elliptic or oblong, tapering equally at both ends, plane when mature; inflorescence axis glabrous 3

    • 2b.Perennials; fruits ovate to lanceolate or linear-lanceolate, tapered more toward the apex than the base, twisted at maturity; inflorescence axis pubescent 4

    • 3a.Petals yellow, less than 2.2 mm long; cauline leaves scattered to the inflorescence; fruits oblong to elliptic, 5–8 (–10) mm long D. nemorosa

    • 3b.Petals white, 2–4.5 mm long; cauline leaves borne near the stem base or slightly above it, but far from the inflorescence; fruits linear to linear-oblong, (5–) 7–15 mm long D. reptans

    • 4a.Fruits densely pubescent D. cana