Galeopsis tetrahit var. bifida (Boenn.) Lej. & Courtois
Family: Lamiaceae
brittle-stem hemp-nettle, common hemp-nettle, hemp-nettle
[Galeopsis bifida Boenn.]
Galeopsis tetrahit var. bifida image
Botanical Illustration  
Galeopsis tetrahit var. bifida image
University of Wisconsin - Madison (WIS-VP)  
Etymology: Galeopsis: Greek for "weasel" and "appearance," from likeness of corolla to head of a weasel
Plants: erect, annual, 6"-36" tall forb, aromatic, branching towards the top when mature; stems square, swollen at the leaf nodes, long, coarse, spreading hairs; taprooted
Leaves: opposite, stalked, toothed
Flowers: pink to white, 5-parted, 3/4" long, irregular tube shape, often with 2 yellow or white spots, lower lip cleft; inflorescence of rounded clusters terminal and from the upper leaf axils; blooms June-Sept.
Fruits: 1-seeded nutlet
Habitat: disturbed sites
Conservation Status: Introduced - naturalized