Vaccinium macrocarpon Aiton
Family: Ericaceae
cranberry, large cranberry
Vaccinium macrocarpon image
Robert R. Kowal  
Etymology: Vaccinium: ancient Latin name for bilberry, origin obscure
Plants: trailing, perennial shrub; stems very thin
Leaves: leathery, evergreen, mostly stalkless, oblong, tapering at both ends
Flowers: white to pink, 4-parted, 1/3" long, deep lobes turning upward; 2 small, green bracts; inflorescence with 2-6 flowers in a cluster in the lower leaf axils; blooms June-Aug.
Fruits: red, tart, 1/2" berry with many seeds
Habitat: bogs
Conservation Status: Native
- leaves with a blunt or rounded tip, mostly > 1 cm

- bracts on pedicel leaflike, 1-2 mm wide, usually green