Ulmus thomasii Sarg.
Family: Ulmaceae
rock elm
Ulmus thomasii image
Robert W. Freckmann  
Etymology: Ulmus: the classical Latin name for the elm
Plants: perennial tree to 98' tall with an oblong crown; gray bark with deep fissures of broad, flat ridges
Leaves: obovate to oblong-oval, bases unequal, edges doubly toothed
Flowers: brown, oval buds with a pointed tip; inflorescence usually 10 flowers in a long, hanging cluster; blooms in spring
Fruits: elliptic to oval samara with narrow wings and a shallow notch; seeds inflated but not thick
Habitat: moist to dry; slopes, outcrops, woods, floodplains, streambanks in rocky, limy or rich soil
Conservation Status: Native