Sium suave Walter
Family: Apiaceae
hemlock water-parsnip, water-parsnip
Sium suave image
Robert Bierman  
Etymology: Sium: from sion, a Greek name of some marsh plant
Plants: erect, (annual?)/perennial, 2'-6' tall, smooth forb; stems solitary, branching, angular, stout; roots fibrous
Leaves: once pinnately-divided into 7-17 long, narrow, sharply-toothed leaflets
Flowers: white, 5-parted, the outer petals sometimes slightly larger; inflorescence a 1 1/2"-4 1/2" compound umbel with 6 or more compact umbellets; blooms July-Aug.
Fruits: oval, dry, obviously ribbed, splitting into 2 seeds- fruit:fruit drawing seed:seed drawing
Habitat: sun; wet; shallows, shores; in water or muck
Conservation Status: Native