Quercus bicolor Willd.
Family: Fagaceae
swamp white oak
Quercus bicolor image
Etymology: Quercus: Latin for oak
Plants: perennial, deciduous tree to 98' tall; scaly or flat-ridged, dark gray bark
Leaves: obovate in outline, base narrowly wedge shaped to triangular with a pointed end; edges entirely toothed or just the top 1/2, sometimes lobed; tip broadly rounded to oval; underside light green to whitish, velvety, upper side shiny dark green
Flowers: round to oval, light or dark brown buds; blooms in spring
Fruits: long stalked acorns from the axils, semi-circular to turban-like cup covering 1/2-3/4 of the nut; smooth, oval, elliptic to oblong, light brown nut
Habitat: moist or wet; swamp forests, slopes, poorly drained uplands
Conservation Status: Native