Pyrola elliptica Nutt.
Family: Ericaceae
elliptic shin-leaf, large-leaved shin-leaf, wax-flower shin-leaf
Pyrola elliptica image
Emmet J. Judziewicz  
Etymology: Pyrola: pear-like, from the Latin diminutive of Pyrus, meaning "pear," for the pear-like leaf shape, and a genus commonly called shinleaf or wintergreen
Plants: erect, perennial, 6"-12" tall forb
Leaves: 1"-2 3/4" long, oblong, shiny, blade usually longer than the stalk, nearly basal
Flowers: white, 5-parted, stalked, 1/4"-1/3" long, petals often with green veins, sepals triangular and about the same or slightly wider than long, styles protruding; inflorescence on a long stalk often with more than 10 flowers per cluster; blooms June-Aug.
Fruits: capsule opening from the bottom upward
Habitat: dry; woods, forests
Conservation Status: Native