Prenanthes racemosa Michx.
Family: Asteraceae
glaucous white-lettuce, purple rattlesnake-root
Prenanthes racemosa image
Hugh H. Iltis  
Etymology: Prenanthes: from prenes for "drooping" and anthe for "blossom"
Plants: erect, perennial, 1'-5' tall forb with milky juice; stems smooth below the hairy inflorescence
Leaves: alternate, smooth, lower leaves with long stalks, usually not falling with age, upper getting smaller and becoming stalkless to clasping
Flowers: head 1/2" wide with pinkish ray flowers, bracts (phyllaries) hairy; inflorescence with mostly erect to nodding heads in dense, long, narrow clusters; blooms Aug.-Oct.
Fruits: dry seed with fluffy pappus
Habitat: moist; prairies, meadows, streambanks
Conservation Status: Native