Potentilla simplex Michx.
Family: Rosaceae
common cinquefoil, old-field cinquefoil, old-field five-fingers
Potentilla simplex image
Merel R. Black  
Etymology: Potentilla: comes from the Latin diminutive of potens meaning "powerful" in reference to the medicinal properties of some species
Plants: erect to creeping, perennial, 2"-12" tall, smooth forb; thin stems trailing along the ground; long spaces between the rooting nodes
Leaves: palmately-divided into 5 toothed leaflets
Flowers: yellow, 5-parted, 1/3"-1/2" wide; solitary flowers on a thin stalk from the leaf axils; blooms April-June
Habitat: dry; woods, fields, meadows
Conservation Status: Native
- solitary yellow flowers

- palmately compound leaves

- tip-rooting stolons

- long silky hairs on stems and peduncles

- leaflets toothed more than halfway down

- stem 1 mm or greater