Potamogeton pusillus L.
Family: Potamogetonaceae
slender pondweed, small pondweed
Potamogeton pusillus image
from USDA Plants website  
Etymology: Potamogeton: from Greek potamos, "a river," and geiton, "a neighbor," because of the habitat
Plants: perennial, submersed aquatic, slender flower stalk; stems slender to 5' long branching often at ends; slight rhizomes
Leaves: alternate, entire, with prominent midvein; stemless, linear with pair of glands where meet the stem; 3 veins; blunt point; none floating
Flowers: green-brown, small, Many winter buds which have tightly rolled inner leaves; inflorescence spike of 1-4 whorls
Fruits: oval, plump, dry seed with a smooth back and a short beak
Habitat: water from shallow to 10' deep
Conservation Status: Native