Potamogeton foliosus
Family: Potamogetonaceae
leafy pondweed
Potamogeton foliosus image
Robert W. Freckmann  
Etymology: Potamogeton: from Greek potamos, "a river," and geiton, "a neighbor," because of the habitat
Plants: perennial, submersed aquatic; stems freely branching; slender rhizomes
Leaves: alternate, entire, with prominent midvein; submersed linear, 3-5 veins; stipules free from leaves; no floating leaves
Flowers: green-brown, small, short stalk from axils of upper leaves; inflorescence spike in tight cluster
Fruits: flattened, dry seed with a wavy side ridge and a short beak
Habitat: shallow to >4' deep water; in soft sediment soil
Conservation Status: Native