Family: Poaceae
Bouteloua image
Derek Anderson  

Key to Wisconsin Bouteloua

Authors: Robert W. Freckmann, John G. Zaborsky, Emmet J. Judziewicz

    • 1a. Plants stoloniferous and mat-forming, dioecious; female spikelets enclosed in a small bur B. dactyloides

    • 1b.Plants erect, clump-forming, but not stoloniferous; spikelets bisexual, all similar in size and shape 2

    • 2a.Inflorescences with 20–50 dangling spikes that detach from the rachis at maturity B. curtipendula

    • 2b.Inflorescences with 1–5 spikes that remain attached to the rachis at maturity 3

    • 3a.Rachis of the spike prolonged as a naked bristle projecting 3–10 mm beyond the uppermost spikelets B. hirsuta