Polygonatum pubescens (Willd.) Pursh
Family: Asparagaceae
downy Solomon's-seal, hairy Solomon's-seal
Polygonatum pubescens image
Mary Ann Feist  
Etymology: Polygonatum: Greek for "with many knees," probably in reference to knobby rootstock
Plants: erect to arching, perennial, 20"-36" tall forb; stems zigzagging
Leaves: short-stalked, oblong, alternate, smaller veins on the underside hairy
Flowers: white to yellowish, 6-parted, 3/8"-1/2" long, tubular-shaped, stalked, petal-like tepals united; inflorescence small, stalked clusters hanging downward along the stem; blooms May-July
Fruits: blue berry
Habitat: shade; moist; woods, thickets
Conservation Status: Native