Polanisia dodecandra (L.) DC.
Family: Cleomaceae
rough-seed clammy-weed
Polanisia dodecandra image
Emmet J. Judziewicz  
Etymology: Polanisia: from poly for "many" and ansos for "unequal," referring to how this differs from the stamens in Cleome
Plants: erect, annual, 8"-20" tall forb, with sticky hairs and unpleasant odor
Leaves: 3-parted, on stalks about the same length as the leaf blade
Flowers: white to pinkish, 4-parted, 1/4" long, irregular-shaped with long claws, the side petals longest, stamens much longer than the petals; inflorescence a terminal cluster (raceme) of many, stalked flowers; blooms July-Sept.
Fruits: long, pea-like capsule, mostly stalkless, erect, slightly hairy, sticky
Habitat: disturbed sites, stream sides; in gravelly, sandy soil
Conservation Status: Native