Physostegia virginiana
Family: Lamiaceae
false dragonhead, obedient plant
Physostegia virginiana image
Steve C. Garske  
Etymology: Physostegia: Greek for "bladder covering" referring to somewhat inflated appearance of flower
Plants: erect, perennial, 2'-5' tall forb, hairless; stems square, often branched toward the top; long horizontal, clone forming rhizomes
Leaves: opposite, mostly stalkless, usually toothed
Flowers: pink, 5-parted, 2/3"-1 1/3" long; inflorescence a 2"-6" tall, terminal cluster (raceme) with each stalked flower from the axil of a small leaf-like bract; flower drawing blooms Aug.-Oct.
Fruits: 1-seeded, smooth nutlet
Habitat: full to partial sun; dry to moderate moisture; woods, prairies; in sandy, loamy soil
Conservation Status: Native