Phyla lanceolata (Michx.) Greene
Family: Verbenaceae
lance-leaf fog-fruit
Phyla lanceolata image
Merel R. Black  
Etymology: Phyla: from Greek phyle, "tribe," probably from the flowers being tightly clustered in heads
Plants: erect to creeping, perennial, 2"-24" tall forb; stems square, rooting
Leaves: opposite, widest near or below the middle, short-stalked
Flowers: white to pink, 4-parted, 1/8" wide, very thin tube somewhat 2-lipped, often with a yellow center, the upper lip shorter; inflorescence a stalked, dense spike from the leaf axils rounded at first, then elongating in time; blooms May-Oct.
Fruits: 2 separating nutlets
Habitat: wet, moist; forests, streambanks, forests
Conservation Status: Native