Phemeranthus rugospermus (Holz.) Kiger
Family: Montiaceae
prairie fame-flower, rough-seeded fame-flower, sand fame-flower
Phemeranthus rugospermus image
Derek Anderson  
Etymology: Phemeranthus: possibly from Greek ephemeron, a “dayfly” and anthos, a “flower,” alluding to its short blooming time
Plants: erect, perennial, 4"-8" tall forb
Leaves: many, crowded at the base of stem, linear and almost round in cross section, succulent
Flowers: pink, 5-parted, 1/2" wide, on a 4"-8" bare stalk; opening only a few hours in the full sun in late afternoon; inflorescence a branched, terminal cluster (cyme) much above the leaves; blooms July-Aug.
Fruits: capsule with very wrinkled seeds
Habitat: cliffs, prairies, dunes; in sandy, thin soil
Conservation Status: Special Concern