Nuphar variegata Durand
Family: Nymphaeaceae
bull-head pond-lily
Nuphar variegata image
Christopher Noll  
Etymology: Nuphar: ultimately from the Persian word nufar
Plants: floating, perennial aquatic; from large, spongy rhizome with the old leaf scars forming spirals
Leaves: 2"-6" roundly arrow-shaped with rounded sometimes overlapping lobes, leaf notch usually less than half as long as the midrib, most floating, the stalk flattened and slightly winged
Flowers: yellow with reddish color inside, 7 or more-parted, 1"-2" wide, held above the water, globe or saucer shaped, mostly 6 sepals; solitary; blooms June-Aug.
Habitat: sun to shade; water less than 7' deep; in sediment soil
Conservation Status: Native