Lupinus perennis L.
Family: Fabaceae
sundial lupine, wild lupine
Lupinus perennis image
Christopher Noll  
Etymology: Lupinus: from the Latin lupus for "wolf," alluding to the belief that these plants robbed the soil, which is the opposite of the truth
Plants: erect, perennial, 8"-24" tall forb
Leaves: palmately-divided into 7-11 leaflets
Flowers: blue to less commonly white, 5-parted, 1" long; inflorescence a 4"-8" tall, dense, conical cluster (raceme) of stalked flowers; blooms May-June
Fruits: hairy, oblong, flattened pod coiling when open; 2 to several seeds
Habitat: full to partial sun; dry to moderate moisture; woods, prairies; in sandy soil
Hazardous: Careful, this plant is hazardous!
Conservation Status: Native