Juncus effusus L.
Family: Juncaceae
common rush, soft rush
Juncus effusus image
Stephen L. Solheim  
Etymology: Juncus: the classical Latin name for the rush, possibly from jungere, "to join or bind," because the stems were used for binding
Plants: erect, perennial, > 40" tall, semi-aquatic, emergent rush; stems narrow, cylindrical, smooth; only reddish sheaths at the base of the stem; dense rootstalk
Leaves: only a reddish-brown sheath at stem base
Flowers: 6-parted; inflorescence each flower is at end of thin stalk
Fruits: capsule
Habitat: wet; wet meadows, shallows
Conservation Status: Native
- inflorescence appearing lateral

- stem leaves without blades

- stamens 3

- stems clumped (not rhizomatous)