Geum laciniatum Murray
Family: Rosaceae
rough avens
[Geum laciniatum var. laciniatum Murray,  more...]
Geum laciniatum image
from USDA Plants website  
Etymology: Geum: an ancient Latin name used by Pliny for this group
Plants: erect, perennial, 16"-40" tall forb with hairy stems
Leaves: undersides silvery from fine hairs; basal leaves long-stalked, pinnately-divided into lobed and toothed segments, end and side segments mostly alike; upper leaves 3-parted
Flowers: white, 5-parted, 1/3" wide, spreading petals much shorter than the sepals; inflorescence of erect flowers on long stalks; blooms May-June
Fruits: hooked, dry seed in a roundish cluster
Habitat: moist to wet
Conservation Status: Native
- petals white, much shorter than sepals

- small bractlets present between sepals

- receptacle glabrous to sparsely hairy, beaks eglndular

- pedicel hirsute with spreading to reflexed hairs

- basal and lower cauline leaves often 5-parted