Eleocharis flavescens
Family: Cyperaceae
bright green spike-rush, capitate spike-rush, green spike-rush
Eleocharis flavescens image
Etymology: Eleocharis: Greek elos for "marsh" and charis for grace, referring to marsh plant
Plants: perennial sedge
Conservation Status: Special Concern
- plant rhizomatous, stems appearing somewhat spongy

- mature spikelet thicker than the culm

- spikelet ovoid and acute at the apex

- achene 2-sided, olive green to brown, 1-1.5 mm long incl. the green tubercle

- summit of leaf sheaths thin, membranous, cleft on one side, usu. whitish

- bogs, dry stream banks, lake and pond margins, mud flats, marshes, moist meadows, often in marly places in several inches of water