Diplotaxis muralis (L.) DC.
Family: Brassicaceae
sand rocket, stinking wall-rocket
[Sisymbrium murale L.]
Diplotaxis muralis image
Gary Fewless  
Diplotaxis muralis image
University of Wisconsin - Madison (WIS-VP)  
Etymology: Diplotaxis: from Greek diplous, "double," and taxis, "row," because of the double row of seeds in the seed pod
Plants: sprawling annual/perennial forb
Leaves: coarsely toothed
Flowers: yellow, 4-parted
Fruits: long, thin pod
Conservation Status: Introduced - adventive
Vacant lots, waste areas, landscaping and gardens, shores, and along railroad tracks. A European species first collected in 1939 and very rarely since the late 1980’s. Most of our collections are from the Milwaukee area, where the species is still present.