Cypripedium acaule Aiton
Family: Orchidaceae
moccasin-flower, pink lady's-slipper, pink moccasin-flower, small pink lady's-slipper
Cypripedium acaule image
Derek Anderson  
Etymology: Cypripedium: incorrect Latinization of ancient Greek words meaning "Venus's shoe"
Plants: erect, perennial, 8"-16" tall forb with hairy stems
Leaves: 2 basal leaves, oblong with pointed tips, heavily ribbed, clasping, undersides pale
Flowers: 6-parted, pouch 1 1/2"-2 1/3" long, pink with red veins, hairy inside; sepals and petals purplish brown to brown often with green stripes; solitary flower; blooms April-June
Habitat: dry to wet; woods, swamps, pine plantations; in acidic, sandy soil