Corylus cornuta
Family: Betulaceae
beaked hazelnut
Corylus cornuta image
Matthew L. Wagner  
Etymology: Corylus: probably from Greek corus for "a helmet," from the involucre
Plants: perennial, open and spreading shrub to 16' tall; smooth, light brown bark; branches rising
Leaves: stalked, oval to narrowly elliptic with slight lobes near the tip; edges coarsely, irregularly, doubly toothed
Flowers: oval winter buds with sharp point; stalked male catkins usually in clusters of 2-3 along the sides of the small branches; blooms in early spring
Fruits: nuts in clusters of 2-6, completed hidden beneath the leaf-like, densely hairy, long-beaked, tubular bracts, the beak more than 2 times the total length of the nut
Habitat: moist to dry; woods edges, roadsides, fencerows, thickets
Conservation Status: Native