Corylus americana Walter
Family: Betulaceae
American hazelnut
Corylus americana image
Steve C. Garske  
Etymology: Corylus: probably from Greek corus for "a helmet," from the involucre
Plants: perennial, erect, open, rounded shrub to 11' tall; smooth bark light gray; branches erect, twigs hairy
Leaves: widely oval often with straight sides; edges sharply cut to finely doubly cut; stalk very hairy
Flowers: winter buds widely oval with obtuse to rounds tips; male catkins on the sides of the small branches, usually in clusters of 1 or 2; blooms very early spring
Fruits: nuts in clusters of 2-5, sometimes partially visible beneath the leaf-like, hairy bracts
Habitat: moist to dry; open woods, thickets, hillsides, roadsides, fencerows
Conservation Status: Native