Circaea alpina L.
Family: Onagraceae
alpine enchanter's-nightshade, northern enchanter's-nightshade, small enchanter's-nightshade
Circaea alpina image
Christopher Noll  
Etymology: Circaea: after Circe, the enchantress
Plants: erect, perennial, 4"-12" tall forb; stems weak, soft; from rhizomes with tuberous thickening at the end
Leaves: opposite, stalked, thin, oval, 3/4"-2 1/3" long, usually more than half as wide as long, sharp-pointed
Flowers: white to pinkish, 2-parted, 1/8"-3/16" wide, petals deeply notched almost to the middle; inflorescence with open, stalked flowers (usually less than 15) bunched at the top of a cluster, elongating to 4" in fruit; blooms June-Aug.
Fruits: capsule with 1 chamber and 1 seed
Habitat: moist to wet; woods, bogs
Conservation Status: Native