Chenopodium capitatum
Family: Amaranthaceae
blite goosefoot, Indian ink, Indian-paint, strawberry-blite
Chenopodium capitatum image
Matthew L. Wagner  
Etymology: Chenopodium: from Greek chen, "goose," and pous, "foot," or podion, "a little foot," referring to the shape of the leaves in some species
Plants: erect or drooping, annual, 8"-24" tall forb branched from the base
Leaves: triangular; lower leaves with stalks much longer than the leaf blade, upper leaf stalks getting shorter
Flowers: greenish turning red, 3-parted, no petals; inflorescence 5/8", separated, ball-like clusters; blooms July-Sept.
Fruits: reddish clusters
Habitat: disturbed sites, forests; often seen after a fire
Conservation Status: Native