Chenopodium album L.
Family: Amaranthaceae
lamb's quarters, common lamb's-quarters, pigweed
Chenopodium album image
Elizabeth Parnis  
Etymology: Chenopodium: from Greek chen, "goose," and pous, "foot," or podion, "a little foot," referring to the shape of the leaves in some species
Plants: erect, annual, 6"-40" tall, branched forb; stems nodes usually pale
Leaves: whitish-mealy, lower leaves broadly wider at the base, usually toothed, turning red late in the season
Flowers: white to greenish, 5-parted, small, no petals; flower spike drawing inflorescence 1/8" dense balls grouped into spikes; blooms June-Oct.
Habitat: disturbed sites, gardens
Hazardous: Careful, this plant is hazardous!
Conservation Status: Native