Caltha palustris L.
Family: Ranunculaceae
cowslip, marsh-marigold, yellow marsh-marigold
Caltha palustris image
Margery Melgaard  
Etymology: Caltha: old Greek and later Latin name for the marigold or "chalice" or "cup"
Plants: erect, perennial, 8"-24" tall forb; stems hollow, branched toward the top
Leaves: widely heart-shaped, not divided; basal leaves long-stalked, stem leaves alternate and on shorter stalks
Flowers: yellow, 5-9-parted, 1/2"-1 1/2" wide, petal-like sepals; blooms April-May
Habitat: wet; meadows, woods, forests marshes, streambanks
Hazardous: Careful, this plant is hazardous!
Conservation Status: Native