Brassica juncea (L.) Czern.
Family: Brassicaceae
brown mustard, Chinese mustard, Indian mustard
[Brassica integrifolia (Willd.) Rupr.,  more...]
Brassica juncea image
Richard Bauer  
Etymology: Brassica: Latin name for "cabbage"
Plants: erect, annual, 12"-40" tall forb, often smooth
Leaves: upper leaves smaller, mostly short-stalked to stalkless, not clasping; lower leaves to 8", pinnately-divided and toothed
Flowers: yellow, 4-parted, 1/2" wide; inflorescence a rounded cluster (raceme) of stalked flowers; blooms June-Oct.
Fruits: 1/2"-1 1/2" long, thin pod roundish in cross section and pointing upward
Habitat: disturbed sites
Hazardous: Careful, this plant is hazardous!
Conservation Status: Introduced - naturalized