Brasenia schreberi J.F.Gmel.
Family: Cabombaceae
Brasenia schreberi image
Robert Bierman  
Etymology: Brasenia: for Christoph Brasen, 18th century Moravian missionary who collected plants in Greenland and Labrador
Plants: floating, perennial aquatic, all surfaces below the water covered in thick, slimy, gelatinous coating; from rhizomes
Leaves: elastic stalks attached to the center of the un-notched, elliptical leaf, the upper surface green and the lower surface purple
Flowers: purple to orange, 6-8-parted, 3/4" wide, held just above the water; blooms June-Aug.
Habitat: soft water less than 7' deep; in organic muck soil
Conservation Status: Native
- young vegetative parts heavily coated with mucilage

- leaves floating, elliptic; veins radiating from the center of the leaf

- petiole long and attched to the center of the leaf

- flowers 3-parted; perianth parts dull purple

- fruits slightly to strongly fusiform