Brachyelytrum aristosum (Michx.) P.Beauv. ex Branner & Coville
Family: Poaceae
bearded shorthusk, long-awned wood grass, northern shorthusk
[Brachyelytrum aristosum var. glabratum (Michx.) P.Beauv. ex Branner & Coville,  more...]
Brachyelytrum aristosum image
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Brachyelytrum aristosum image
Mary Ann Feist  
Etymology: Brachyelytrum: Greek names for "short" and "husk" referring to minute glumes
Plants: perennial grass
Conservation Status: Native
Forests of red maple-aspen-spruce, red maple-balsam fir-hemlock, red oak-red maple, white pine, sugar maple-birch-balsam poplar, red maple-yellow birch-elm, white cedar-balsam poplar, aspen-oak-spruce, sugar maple-beech, oak-pine, sugar maple-basswood, hemlock-birch-balsam fir, maple-pine; also occasionally in swamps of white cedar, black ash, or white pine-red maple. Mostly north of the Tension Zone but also found in a small area centered around Monroe Co.