Betula cordifolia Regel
Family: Betulaceae
heart-leaf birch, mountain white birch
[Betula alba var. cordifolia L.,  more...]
Betula cordifolia image
Robert W. Freckmann  
Etymology: Betula: ancient Latin name
Plants: perennial, to 65' tall tree often with several trunks and narrow crowns; bark dark reddish brown turning reddish white to tan or bronze with age, peeling in thin sheets; dark, horizontal lenticels
Leaves: Narrowly ovate to ovate with a short tip; edges with coarse or irregular double teeth, usually with a heart-shaped base; mostly hairy below
Flowers: catkin usually about 2" long; blooms in late spring
Fruits: cylindrical, hanging fruit clusters; samara wings wider than the body, widest near the top
Habitat: moist; rocky slopes, rich woods
Conservation Status: Native