Betula alleghaniensis Britton
Family: Betulaceae
yellow birch
Betula alleghaniensis image
Botanical Illustration  
Etymology: Betula: ancient Latin name
Plants: perennial tree to 98 feet tall, straight trunk, narrowly-rounded crown; bark smooth, often flaking irregularly, dark, shiny, reddish-brown early becoming tan, yellowish to grayish with time; dark, horizontal lenticels; twigs with small glands giving off a wintergreen taste and smell when crushed Leaves: leaf narrowly oval to oblong; edges with sharp, coarse, double, irregular teeth; some scattered tiny, resinous glands
Flowers: blooms in late spring
Fruits: oval, erect fruit clusters, finely hairy; samara wings narrower than the body, widest near the top
Habitat: moist to wet; streambanks, swampy woods, rich forested slopes
Conservation Status: Native