Kalopanax septemlobus (Thunb. ex A.Murray) Koidz. (redirected from: Kalopanax pictus)
Family: Araliaceae
[Kalopanax pictus (Thunb.) Nakai]
Kalopanax septemlobus image
Courtesy Missouri Botanical PlantFinder  
Etymology: Kalopanax: Greek kalos for "beautiful;" panax for "Panax," another genus in this family
Plants: perennial, to 80' tree
Flowers: 5-parted; blooms Aug.-Sept.
Habitat: moist
Conservation Status: Introduced - rarely escaped
Cultivated as a groundcover and sometimes escaping into mesic woods, on limestone ledges, along roadsides, at dumps, bases of bluffs, old orchards, vacant lots, and lawns (such as at cemeteries and old homes).
Like other groundcovers, it is sometimes difficult to discern if a population has simply spread from a planting or has truly escaped via seeds or stem fragments.  Our first definitively wild specimen was collected in 1938.  Native to Europe.