Paronychia fastigiata var. fastigiata (Raf.) Fernald (redirected from: Paronychia fastigiata var. paleacea)
Family: Caryophyllaceae
[Anychia polygonoides Raf.,  more...]
Paronychia fastigiata var. fastigiata image
from USDA Plants website  
Etymology: Paronychia: Greek name for "whitlow," and the plant thought to be its cure
Plants: erect, annual forb with hairy, forking stems
Leaves: lance-shaped on the main branches, often with white dots
Flowers: green, 5-parted, no petals, sepals lance-like to linear; inflorescence a forking, branched cluster (cyme); blooms July-Sept.
Habitat: dry; woods, openings
Conservation Status: Native