Haloragaceae image
Paul Skawinski  

Key to Wisconsin Haloragaceae

Author: Robert W. Freckmann

    • 1a.Leaves all alternate; emersed leaves linear-lanceolate and serrate; submersed leaves ovate and pectinate; flowers 3-merous; fruit indehiscent, bony, 3-seeded Proserpinaca

    • 1b.Leaves whorled, alternate or irregular, divided into filiform segments, or reduced to scalelike bracts; flowers 4-merous; fruit hard, splitting into 4 mericarps ("nutlets") Myriophyllum

A small family (formerly spelled Haloragidaceae) of 10 genera and about 130 species, mostly aquatic or semiaquatic plants, most common and diverse in the southern hemisphere.