Family: Dryopteridaceae
Cliff Fern
Woodsia image
Sue R. Crispin  

Key to Wisconsin Woodsia

    • 1a.Petioles with a joint 1--4 cm above the base, the joint appearing as a dark ring, breaking and leaving persisting petiole stubs of uniform length; blade and rachis chaffy and without glands; margins of pinnules or lobes rounded, without pointed teeth W. ilvensis

    • 1b.Petioles without a dark ring marking a distinct joint; old remnant petioles of irregular lengths; blade and rachis glandular; margins of pinnules or lobes dentate or sharply toothed 2

    • 2a.Indusium cup-like, splitting into a few broad segments; petiole tan to light orange-brown, with scattered small scales W. obtusa

    • 2b.Indusium divided almost to base into many linear segments; petiole dark reddish-brown, usually without scales W. oregana